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Astra Steamer Vortex – 30.14.EVX01

Pressure 9bar
Boiler temp. 200°C
Outgoing temp.  180°C
Steam production dry-wet 36kg / h
Diesel consumption 3.8L / h
Max electric power 500W
Boiler heating power 48kW
Frequency 50Hz
 Water tank capacity  24,5lt
 Fuel tank capacity  20lt
Pre-heating time  <5min
 Depression   200mbar
Dimensions LxWxH 70x106x102
Weight  140kg


The diesel and electric steam generator combine three functions: steam spray, chemical injection and vacuum (without the vacuum cleaner on board). .

The steam machine can wash, remove dirt and sanitize using 5% of water of a professional high pressure cleaner. Three operators, connected to the three independent steam outlets, allow to wash, vaccum, degrease without any power drop or interference. The three functions can be used in succession by the same operator or even by more operators at the same time, to create a continuous cleaning process at different stages.

The Vortex technology is ideal to clean cars inside and outside. The steam spray can wash and sanitize with a limited water use.


Mobile car washing or washing station; Repair workshop; Gum and graffiti removal; Cleaning of sport equipment and places; Cleaning of rooms and equipment for animals

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