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Before Service

Qualified and equipped with a team of technicians, Dr Drain is an expert at resolving all ailments related to the drain. Accessible over the phone at any time, Dr Drain offers services across the country.

Dr Drain is the latest innovation from Cannon Hygiene India aimed at addressing clogged 2” & 4” drain lines. Right from an inspection service, where one can see the results visually to actually identifying the nature and location of clogging and thereafter removing the clog with specifically designed tools and equipment, Dr Drain does it all.

What are the different types of drain lines Dr Drain can address?

Dr Drain specializes in inspecting and unclogging 2” Urinal drain lines, 1.5” wash basin/sink drain lines and 4” WC lines & 4” Cafeteria/ Canteen lines.


After Service

Dr Drain does not use chemicals or additives. He simply uses a gentle, rotational electro-mechanical, steel cable which builds up required torque to dislodge even the most stubborn blockages. Once done, the drain lines are just flushed with plain water to clear any remaining debris/particles.

All equipment used are specially designed for drain cleaning. Dr Drain’s continuous and persistent efforts simply dislodge, even stubborn blockages without harming the PVC pipes.

What is the capacity of these machines?

Cleaning cables are available in different lengths starting at 25’ going all the way up to 100’. Distances up to 150’ can be covered with the use of sectional machines. We can service drain line’s starting from ¾” to 4”.

How cost effective is the service?

Compared to cost & time consuming renovation which include closure of the washrooms for clogged drain line replacement and or using harmful chemicals/acids to unclog, our service is clean, professional and extremely effective. We conduct a pre-survey and depending on the number of fittings and length of the drain lines, a commercial proposal is sent to our potential clients. This is very favourably in comparison to the option of renovating or replacing drain pipes and tiles. 



[box type=”shadow” ]Contact Cannon Drain doctor at 09324682886 or write to us at shiva@cannonhygiene.in. [/box]

You can watch the Drain Doctor perform the perfect operation too. You just need to ask for the video clipping.

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