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Arresting contamination with Tissues

Tissue is widely used to maintain hygiene and helps arrest the contamination from spreading. It is highly absorbent, cost effective and ideal for single use and importantly can be recycled.

Tissue segmentation

Depending upon the usage, tissue is segmented into hand towel, facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper napkin and kitchen towel. Each tissue is measured on four important attributes:

  • Thickness of the paper normally varies from 17GSM to 45GSM
  • Absorbency of the tissue more the thickness / bulk, better the absorbency
  • Wet Strength strength of the paper is very important. Lower the strength of the paper, faster the disintegration, in water. Towels have better bulk, better absorbency and better wet strength to carry heavy duty activities like hand drying and surface cleaning.
  • Softness of the tissue softness or feel of the tissue is important especially in facial and bathroom tissues.

To assist in prevention and spread of food-borne illnesses, there are a range of compact, easy-to-install single-use towel and soap solutions and also gloves to maintain better hand hygiene and surface hygiene practices.

Hand washing and hand drying solutions

Proper hand washing before and during food preparation is one of the best ways to prevent spread of food-borne illness. Hands are washed thoroughly with soap and then dried with paper hand towel to ensure that the bacteria do not transfer from one surface to another. There is a wide range of hand washing and drying solutions that could be adopted.

Surface cleaning

Use of the same cloth to clean surfaces and equipment that have held both raw and cooked food could transfer food-borne bacteria throughout food production and service areas.

Wipes are used for efficient, hygienic cleaning and wiping to ensure compliance with stringent hygiene standards. Today, it’s a business necessity to serve safe food. Such incidents could be prevented by using the right cleaning products and setting hygiene procedures in place.

Abhay Kulkarni, Marketing-Manager – India
Kimberly-Clark Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd, India

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