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The new generation of polyurethane pads for maintenance cleaning. The new pad is an innovative development extension of conventional cleaning pads. Due to the composition of polyther and polyester the pad is very tough and unbreakable. It is used for the maintenance cleaning of any hard floor coverings such as tiles, stone floors, porcelain stoneware, concrete floors, vinyl floors, PVC and linoleum. It is especially suitable for the use in public facilities, airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and office buildings. Use the pad side for cleaning all hard floor surfaces.

• Higher material density per m³ which increases the durability by about tenfold and improves the efficiency
• Cleaning performance of over 50.000m²
• Wide range of application,
• Usable on both sides; PU -side as well as green back-side

• Higher water absorption than common pads
• Applicable on all water resistant hard floors
• Suitable for all cleaning machines
• 100% environmentally friendly by exclusive use of recycled materials

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