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Glass Shine

ARCORA International GmbH, offers 100% microfibre cloth is the perfect solution for polishing and cleaning glasses, dishes and cutlery etc. It’s optimally suited for the use in hotels or restaurants.

• Cleaning lint-free and without stripes
• Excellent cleaning results
• Good price-value for high quality
• Perfect for daily cleaning

Fine Line

The microfiber cloth is well suited for cleaning of glass, mirrors or chrome and is perfectly suitable for the usage in hotels and restaurants. It consists optimal dirt and water absorption values along with double stitches edge protection and extra quality binding.

• Above-average durability
• Streak-free cleaning of glass, mirrors and chrome
• Lint-free thanks to a special fabric weave
• Super absorbent: absorbs eight times its own weight in water
• Available in four different colours
• Cost and time saving compared to conventional cleaning cloths
• Excellent price-performance ratio

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