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ARCORA International Looking at India

[box type=”shadow” ]To do business in India, we need to spend quality time with the people in India to learn and reflect the culture; what I tried to do.

– Klaus Karl[/box]

Indian Market

“My experience tells me that NO market is easy to start business and I did learn to know a lot in doing so, like in Poland, UAE, India, Slovenia, Qatar, Israel, Scandinavian Countries in the past. Every country has its own DNA or dynamics and so does India. One needs to learn. Being an international group of companies acting on a global basis with productions in Germany, USA, Turkey and Singapore, we therefore are able to handle cultural differences.

“Our staff is young and dynamic and interested to learn new challenges. My observation is, that business in India again is different to others. Decisions may take sometimes longer than in other places. Most companies in our segment are small to medium enterprises, which fit our own culture quite well. Very friendly, human and people orientated, but sensitive business people; motivating and easy to deal with, and very proud without showing it.

“Of course, price is always a subject – like in every country – and everybody claims to have the toughest price competition – nothing new. In fact, there is a lot of emphasis on product quality, technical support and training.”

How the technology will benefit India?

“India is a country with a huge and fast-growing population. At the same time, the demand for cleaning and hygiene products and solution is growing with an increasing speed as well as the competition in this sector. This is the time for Arcora and its potential new regional distribution partners to bring price-quality/technology competitive products into the market.”

What are you looking at in a partner in India?

“Arcora is looking to attract business partners, who are interested in a long lasting, honest and successful partnership to take market share and jointly develop the business by using combined strength. Business experience of the potential distribution partner in i.e. the cleaning and hygiene sector, HORECA and hospital applications is required or would be very helpful as well as an investment orientated strategy. Marketing and selling staff to receive Arcora product and application knowledge. The new partner shall be concentrated on one of the reginal business activities.”

What is the support you will be providing to the partner?

  • Complete product portfolio for the relevant cleaning and hygiene applications in the abovementioned sectors
  • Comprehensive training program for management, marketing staff and customers
  • Up-to-date website with download-area for distribution partners
  • Distribution partner navigation and contact details
  • ISO 9001/14001 certified German supplier
  • Joint country/region specific customer events and participation in exhibitions

[box type=”shadow” ]ARCORA GROUP

Germany-based Arcora International offers a full range of cleaning and hygiene products as a onestop- shop from where distributors choose products for their customers. With more than 300 employees in five locations worldwide, the total portfolio of the company consists of more than 1,400 different products that make use of over 80 patents. Cleaning products and supplies are manufactured and sold directly to the national as well as international markets.

ARCORA products can be subdivided into separate segments:

ARCOTEX line is exclusively dedicated to microfiber products. The production is concentrated on microfiber mops and are constantly improving the characteristics of the mops in order to differentiate from competition. This includes, amongst other things, better sewing techniques, tear-proof pockets (up to 300kg per pocket).

With a diverse assortment of different cotton mops, in the ECOMOP line, you’ll find the perfect mop for any purpose. This also includes folding frames for various mops, ultra-hook and loop systems, trapeze mop systems, aluminium handles, warning signs, bonnet pads, pot scrubbers and handle sponges.

ARSAN offers all the products you may need from paper over the suitable dispensing systems to the needed refills of soap, fragrance, etc.

ARCORA CHEMIE is our brand for professional cleaning, and it’s produced according to the highest German quality standards. Individual solutions for all of your cleaning tasks – environmentally proved.

GASTRO LINE is the complete product line for all catering, kitchen and food areas. With these products, used manually or with a cleaning machine, you meet all of the requirements demanded by German food preparation laws and effectively manage all of the cleaning jobs necessary in a professional kitchen.

ARCEM CHEMICALS offers high quality polymers, restorable floor polishing and floor care systems.

The ARTECH line is the high-tech department. Here you ‘ll find products to excite the cleaning specialist. Vacuum cleaners, sweepers and spray-extractionsystems. Cleaning and polishing pads are included in the ARPAD line.[/box]

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