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ARCORA International Looking at India

[box type=”shadow” ]One country that is undoubtedly drawing global attention, especially that of the cleaning segment, is India. In keeping with the country’s agenda of establishing a clean India by 2019, International companies are looking at India as a destination to do cleaning business. In its 25th year, Arcora International, Germany, is set to venture into the most challenging, demanding and commercial Indian market, with ideally designed machines and solutions to suit cost-effective, quality-driven and user-friendly requirements of consumers. Clean India Journal chats with Managing Director Sami Memili and Export Director Klaus Karl on the Indian business plans and distributor network.[/box]

In 1992, Sami Memili founded Arcora Handels GmbH (Arcora Trading) in Munich, Germany. Growing rapidly, Arcora owned its first brand and introduced its products in 1994. It began Floor Care polymer manufacturing in USA in 1999 and moved on to establish Arcora International in 2005. Adding more products to its range, microfiber and tools were added to the family in 2009.

Arcora established another feat with its new headquarters in Aschheim, Munich, in 2011. Two years back, it extended production to cotton mop in its second factory in Bursa. Last year, Arcora which had grown to manufacture 1,400 products and over 3000 articles extended warehouse space by 30% and recorded distribution in 29 countries. With ISO certification due, Arcora boasts of holding more than 80 patents for its products.

Expansion & Innovation

Over the past years the company has progressed from developing floor care systems through mops & tools, cloth, cleaning & burnishing pads, marble renovation system sunshine, cleaning machines, up to complete preparation systems x-line and complete carpet cleaning system.

“Arcora is constantly screening the ongoing market developments to be able to offer leading-edge product technology at the best possible price-quality position. We are using the most efficient development processes as well as direct relation with Universities and qualified product testing and certification institutions in Germany,” said Sami Memili.

Explaining one of the developments, he added, “Restorable floor polishing and finishing processes without the need for basic cleaning as a prerequisite. The development is concentrating on solutions with reduced usage of chemicals and water as well as generating less waste in the whole cleaning process.”

With over 300 engineers and experts engaged in the production sites, the group is making best use of the knowhow in the individual countries. Growth of staff is concentrated into development of innovative solutions and complete cleaning systems as well as increased support for customers and export partnerships.

[box type=”shadow” ]The long-term goal of Arcora is to be present across India in all major business regions within the next three-five years.

– Sami Memili[/box]

Listing some of the innovations, Sami Memili said, “Cotton yarns being produced out of recycling materials, polymers out of molecular melted particles like nano-materials, polymer surfactant technology for carpet cleaning, and copper woven cleaning cloth for strike-free cleaning and scrubbing are some of the products we have successfully developed at our units.”

With a set vision to be known as respected one-stop-shop provider for complete and environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions, “the long-term goal of Arcora is to be present across India in all major business regions within the next three-five years.

“To concentrate and always looking ahead is one of the most important tasks of our times. And to be connected and sensitive to the needs and complex requirements of the market to identify and to justify them. This will be achieved by linking all necessary parameters to a powerful and comprehensive, competitive strategy.”

Marketing Strategy & Distributor Network

Arcora has been concentrating on developments in Europe with Poland, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Chechia, ex-Yugoslavia and Balkan region besides Turkey, Azerbaijan, UAE, and now India. So far there is no strategy to entering other countries in Asia.

“We want to generate and develop partnerships in the major business regions/cities (please see my presentation with map of India). We do not have any intention to start the business through distribution partners and then go direct, like others do. We do want to attract existing mid-size distribution partners with good growth potential who are eager to grow themselves,” said Klaus Karl.

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