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ARCORA International GmbH Tools & Accessories

ARCORA International GmbH’s offers the following range of products:

Long-life Sponge

An effective sponge wipe side with grip groove and a robust, abrasive fleece side that removes even the most stubborn dirt and incrustations from insensitive surfaces. The patented surface of the fleece is five times longer durable than the ARPAD abrasive fleece side thanks to the laser embossing and the diamond-shaped compacted surface.


• universally applicable on insensitive surfaces
• ideal for damp and wet cleaning of pots, pans and tiles, metal containers
• comfortable and secure hold
• protection of the fingernails, with the Long-life Sponge
• Good price-performance ratio

Future Long-life PU-Mop

The mop which is characterized by an ideal gliding ability and W-Weaving Easy Glider Technology


• Mop glides without large effort with special weaving technology → fatigue-free working
• PU-reinforced back → high durability
• Area performance upto 40m²
• high water absorption
• ideal dirt removing power
• high-quality, plushy microfiber with easy-gliding bristles

Gutter & High Reach Vaccum

With IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s SkyVac, that uses carbon fibre technology, the operator can easily reach internal and external heights, such as gutters, room ceilings and roofs.

This technology reduces the lifting effort (each pole weights just 310gm) and you can connect many poles to the main one according to the height you wish to reach.

The SkyVac product line is provided with a waterproof monitor and a fully recordable camera in order to keep all the cleaning operations controlled from ground level.

Advantages: Poles are stable, strong and lightweight; Reaches up to 12mt high; in compliance with safety & health regulations

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