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ARCORA offers a full range of cleaning and hygiene products for hotels, restaurants, hospitals or public institutions.


TENAS 4IN1, developed for carpet cleaning, takes over the tasks of four classic carpet cleaners because of its polymer / surfactant system: only one product for the stain removal, pre-cleaning, extraction cleaning and cleaning in the Bonnet process.

TENAS GRANULATE is suitable for dry cleaning. Due to the polymer / surfactant system, the dirt is broken, encapsulated and removed by TENAS products.

For smaller areas affected, the ARCORA TENAS hand brush was developed. A brush with foam material and bristles for targeted stain removal on upholstery and carpets, with dosing handle containing the cleaning solution.

For easier cleaning of carpets and hard floors, it is recommended to use the ANIKO 350 DUO BRUSH with a rotating brush system. From dust collection to brushing of the carpet pile, the incorporation of the cleaning solution up to the dirt pick-up, everything can be done with one single machine.

A big advantage of using these products is that one could walk on immediately after cleaning.


ARCORA® HOSPITAL HYGIENE MOP is ideal for use in healthcare. A high water and dirt absorption, good sliding properties and consequently an ergonomic and effort-less work flow is ensured by this special mop.

In areas with high hygienic demands with a lot of disinfectant products, you need a surface coating which is resistant to disinfections and alcohol. The solution for this issue are the ARCORA® coatings ELITE 29 and ELITE 29 MATT.


The EXCELLENT SCRUB-IGEL MICROFIBER MOP with powerful scouring effect is particularly suitable for rust-resistant floors and safety fleeces to remove stubborn stains.

For cleaning stainless steel surfaces, pots and pans, but also glass and cutlery, the ARCORA copper systems are the ideal solution. These new copper products leave scratch-free and clean surfaces, require only water and virtually no cleaning chemistry.

A perfect replacement for the kitchen sponge is the ARCORA HANDPAD SCRUB / ABRASIV with two-sided application. The scrub side you can use either for cleaning dishes or tiles in the kitchen area. After using the scrub side to remove the stubborn dirt, you can go over with the abrasiv side to collect the dirt from the surface.

The copper products and the hand pad can be reused several times, because they can be washed at 60°C.

For fast and efficient cleaning ARCORA provides a bucket less cleaning system, the ULTRA MOP. It provides convenience and efficiency for its users and eliminates the need for a bucket. It’s made for various cleaning applications such as shopping malls, schools or restaurants and other common areas, where routine cleaning is required. The ULTRA MOP is also perfectly suited for the use in hospitals. The big advantage of this system is, that both the ULTRA DELUXE and ULTRA MOBILE are lightweights and very easy to handle.

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