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Universal Cotton Mop

Due to the special tufting procedure the mop slides easily over floors for a fatigue-free cleaning in buildings, industry and public areas. The universal cotton mop evinces a good price-performance ratio and a very good cleaning result due to a high water and dirt absorption.


Universal Quattro Mop

The Universal Quattro Mop is perfectly suited for use in the health care sector because of four high quality yarn fibres (premium cotton, polyester, supermicrofiber, rayon). The combination of cotton and microfiber ensures that the mop is easy to handle on the floor thanks to the cotton and due to the microfiber content, an increased dirt absorption is possible.

Microfibre Cloths

To ensure maximum hygiene and to avoid germ transmission during the cleaning process, a 4-colour-system was introduced to separate the areas to be cleaned with microfiber cloths and to provide secure cleaning.


• Blue: Surfaces such as furnishings, such as desks, cabinets, chairs, shelves etc
• Green: Special areas, for example cleaning and disinfection in the health care sector, such as nursing beds, surgery or kitchen
• Yellow: Sanitary areas, such as sinks tiles, shelves, fittings, mirrors, shower cubicles and bathtub
• Red: For the toilet, urinal and tiles in the surrounding area

Super-Line Microfibre cloth

Super-Line Microfiber cloth is hygienic due to the “wave-cut” edge technology. There is no chance for bacteria settlement in the corners. Due to the above-mentioned edge technology the shrinkage of the cloth is minimized. The smaller cloth size makes it easier to handle the day-today use. This cloth is perfect for all kinds of daily-routine or maintenance cleaning.

Basic-Line Microfibre cloth 

This inexpensive product is also in 4-colour-system. A new colour has been added which is developed for the HO-RE-CA industry. With Basic- Line, very good cleaning result with high efficiency is achieved

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