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Karcher machine now in anthracite grey

Karcher GmbH & Co. KG has implemented a change in the colour of its professional cleaning machines from yellow to anthracite grey. The change was in response to the company’s findings of a wide-ranging customer involving commercial cleaning contractors, hoteliers, retail store operators and others.

Karcher has completed the visual positioning of its machines in three series for the professionals: the commercial units in yellow, the industrial units in light grey and the professional units in anthracite grey.

According to Karcher, anthracite grey is the colour of technology. It stands for maximum robustness, reliability and durability. It is less sensitive to dirt and makes it easier to clean.

The change in machine colour is supplemented by a series of technical aspects as well. It allows other colours to shine and thus coloured elements are highlighted. The new colour-coded operating instructions will provide an unprecedented simplicity of operation and maintenance. The controls important to the cleaning process will appear in yellow from the traction switch and hose connections to the bow adjuster. All of the maintenance and service elements are coloured in light grey: battery maintenance, brush change, filter change, etc. The anthracite grey scrubber-driers, vacuums and sweepers look unobtrusive and blend well with the surrounding. The new colour will not get soiled, which reduces the cost of cleaning the machines. But Karcher’s pressure washers and most of the vacuum cleaners have retained their yellow and black livery. Whereas the industrial use, which includes dry ice blasting machines and parts cleaners still come in light grey or are made in stainless steel.

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