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An app for garbage

Bangalore group harnesses blockchain for grievances

A non-profit group called CITAG (Citizen Involved & Technology Assisted Governance) has tackled issues in solid waste management head on by using blockchain technology to introduce a grievance redressal mechanism

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has an app that regulates waste management (and more). On the app, people submit complaints when waste collection goes awry — for example, if garbage is never picked up, or if “black spots” form, meaning public areas where trash accumulates, whether from citizen dumping or collector neglect.

The government introduced this system of geotagging. Any officer who removes the black spot will take a picture and timestamp and then upload it on the app.

CITAG is in talks with the government to outfit the app with blockchain. Reddy says that this would mean any changes will require three levels of approval. Tampering with logs would become a non-factor; the record of citizen grievance filings and collector-marked pickups would be more accurate and complete. This would also provide higher-ups with data on who is performing and who is not.

CITAG’s blockchain is in pilot mode. The group hopes to bring a fuller version to their whole municipality in the coming weeks.

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