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An advanced tool for comprehensive surface cleaning

Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge — one of the first women’s specialty hospitals in the US — has invested in the Clorox Total 360 system in its effort to protect its patients from contagious bacteria, viruses and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Healthcare facilities contend with a wide range of infection threats, from influenza viruses to antimicrobial resistant organisms like methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that can cause HAIs. However, research shows that when healthcare facilities take specific steps to prevent HAIs, rates can decrease by more than 70%.

Using patented electrostatic technology to deliver Clorox disinfecting and sanitising solutions quickly, the system works by delivering a powerful flow of charged particles that are attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity, allowing the solution to easily reach and uniformly coat surfaces including germ hotspots like the sides, underside, and backside of surfaces, where conventional cleaning methods might miss.

The hospital uses the system regularly for comprehensive surface cleaning in its waiting areas, hallways, restrooms and cafeteria.

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