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Different areas and activities in healthcare facilities have different acoustic requirement. A corridor will require a different acoustic treatment to a patients’ room or operating theatre.

IN KEEPING with the need for individual solutions in healthcare centers, Knauf AMF Ceilings has developed the Thermatex Medical Range. It not only fulfils the stringent hygiene requirements of the healthcare facility but also the high demand for fire protection and acoustic requirements. The range offers uniform aesthetics for every room regardless of the performance requirements. 

The healthcare solutions cater to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, surgery theatres, care homes, rehabilitation facilities, food processing units and pharmacies.

Lister Hospital

Lister Hospital, Stevenage, has undergone a £150m major redevelopment of its entire site, including building extensions and the refurbishment of many of its existing facilities.

Thermatex Alpha and Thermatex Aquatec ceilings were fitted in most of the new buildings, including the ward block, emergency department, fracture clinic, and other service areas. The Knauf AMF ceilings comply with the government’s Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) which provides best practice guidance on the design and planning of new healthcare buildings and the extension of existing facilities.

Thermatex Alpha ceilings have been installed throughout the two storey ward block. The high sound absorbing properties of the ceilings improve the acoustics in the wards by reducing the noise of voices, footsteps and trolleys moving on the hard floors, coming in from adjacent corridors and rooms. By keeping the ward areas quiet, Thermatex Alpha ceilings play a critical role in creating a calm atmosphere which aids the speedy recuperation of patients.

Spaces with lots of natural light and low glare are known to help convalescence. The new wards are designed to have more light and air, with plenty of space for staff, visitors and patients. The Thermatex Alpha ceilings improve these good lighting conditions. The tiles’ white surface has a high light reflectance of up to 88% which reflects the natural daylight into the rooms, reducing the need for artificial light.

Thermatex Aquatec ceilings have been specified for the areas requiring moisture control to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. With moisture resistance of up to 100% RH, even in areas with permanently high humidity and temperatures up to 40˚C, the tiles remain stable. The ceilings are easy to wipe clean, requiring just water. Aquatec tiles are available with Hygena anti-microbial surface treatment to meet the strict hygiene requirements of healthcare and kitchen environments.

The Aquatec ceilings were fitted with a Ventatec grid system. This simple-to-install system makes it  easy to remove and reinstate the  tiles when access is required to the services above.

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