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Ametek offers commercial cleaning solution

Available with both single and two stage fan systems, Ametek Floorcare & Specialty Motors are designed to provide two times more longevity as compared to traditional straight brush series universal vacuum motors. The extended life span is suitable for vacuum motor applications that require either high volume air flow or that operate continuously for long periods of time. These include car wash vacuums, pneumatic tube systems, air plenum or air sampling units, pet grooming tools, high-use hand dryers, and hood or welding exhausts.

Ametek Eternity Brush motors are modeled on traditional brush motors delivering the same performance. Rather than having vacuums down for service or brush replacement, motor users can operate their equipment until the brushes are completely worn, signaling that the motor has reached its maximum life. In addition to the long-life curved brushes, Eternity Brush motors feature Ametek’s patented wet bearing protection system and improved fan diffuser designs on many models. At the heart of the bearing protection is a new technology to prevent grease washout caused by vacuuming liquids.

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