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America going green

It has been revealed that 71% of Americans factor in environment impact before making a purchase. The number has increased from 66% in 2008.

The study, which was conducted by Cone Communications (a public relations firm based in Boston), showed that 71% referred to the labels of the green products to efficiently use them, with 66% following instructions on proper disposal of the products.

“This is important because we have to view every product [we purchase] with a cradle-to-grave mentality,” says Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations for Enviro-Solutions, a Green chemical manufacturer.

“A Green product may have less impact on the environment, but if not disposed off properly, it can just add to a landfill. This is something we are trying to avoid.”

On information for proper disposal of the products, 85% of the respondents felt that the manufacturers should offer better information and also do an effective job of educating the consumers on environmental terms.

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