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Creative Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese integrated waste management company, has signed MoU with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to convert solid waste from the dumping sites into eco-friendly fuel for industries.

The Creative Co.’s innovative refuse paper, plastic and wood fuel (RPPWF) technology converts solid waste into clean and green fuel. If a tonne of coal emits around 2.409 tonnes carbon, an equal quantity of RPPWF lets out just 0.896 tonnes. The calorific value of this fuel is equivalent to coal but RPPWF’s carbon emission is substantially less, Gajendra Pantawane, Operations Director of Creative, has revealed.

The plant will process around 800 tonnes of refuse per day. The company has preferred dumping sites near Fatehwadi or Gyaspur for the project. Initially, it will make pellets of RPPWF and as the unit expands, it will generate around 5-10MW power.

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