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The draft budget of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) for the fiscal 2014-15 has been set at 4,901 crore of which, 280 crore has been allotted for service and programme expenditure, including providing basic amenities like transportation, water supply, energy, health care, sanitation and cleanliness. About 10.36 crore allotted to create green patches in the city and top priority has been allotted to sanitation services by improving the sewage system. There would also be scientific water supply network for the entire city.

A budgetary allocation of 372.82 crore and 258.97 crore has been made for the improvement of sewage and constructing the water supply network respectively. Moves are afoot to provide water for 24 hours throughout the week.

About 160 crore has been allocated for housing as part of the slum development programme. The AMC has proposed to spend 9.91 crore on the development of Dandi Pul area to rehabilitate the slum dwellers.

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