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Amazon urges customers to reuse delivery boxes

Launches campaign to readapt empty packages

Amazon India recently launched a customer-focused campaign inviting customers to take a pledge to reduce packaging waste by reusing packaging boxes. Through the #PledgeToReuse campaign, the company also called for collective action by encouraging customers to take the pledge to adopt sustainable practices into everyday life, and share their creative DIY ideas to reuse boxes with the hashtag #PledgeToReuse on their social media. This campaign urged customers to explore the multipurpose benefits of an Amazon delivery box by repurposing it in creative ways, rather than discarding it as waste. The campaign was launched on Amazon India’s social media channels and drove high levels of engagement from customers across the country.

Amazon India received an encouraging response from thousands of customers who took the pledge, and hundreds of customers shared their creative renditions of the reused boxes as well. While some customers created everyday storage items from the boxes, there were also ideas to create toys for children, organizers and spaces for pets.

In June 2020, Amazon India announced that it had achieved a significant milestone in its efforts towards sustainability by eliminating all single-use plastic packaging originating from its 60+ fulfilment centers in India. In September 2019, the company had pledged to meet this goal in an accelerated time frame by June 2020, in an effort to build an environmentally sustainable supply chain. In the same month, the company announced that it had expanded its India-first initiative, Packaging-Free Shipping (PFS) to over 100 cities, and now more than 40% of Amazon customer orders shipped from Amazon India’s Fulfilment centers are now either packaging-free or have significantly reduced packaging.

The company has also been collecting and recycling plastic waste equivalent to its usage at a national level from September 2019, and has identified collection agencies to help collect equivalent 100% plastic waste generated from usage across the Amazon fulfilment network. At Amazon India, all packaging boxes are packaging made of 100% recycled content and are fully recyclable.

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