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Alpha 113 & Alpha 114 – Brush Making Machinery

• Alpha 113 is a three-axis model and Alpha 114 is a four-axis model
• Ideal for making household and industrial brushes
• Household brushes 4 options
    o Radial Brush which is flat and plain;
    o Round brush like the round head toilet brush;
    o Half round dish washing brush;
    o Double Hockey which is fast growing in the Indian market
• Flat brushes would mean clothes washing brushes, shoe polishing brushes, brooms, single hockey, barber’s brush and garment cleaning brushes
• Industrial Brushes require lower production and high quality and precision
• Filling can be either from synthetic fiber, natural fiber, abrasive fiber or steel wire
• The machine can also make rollers, discs, flat brushes and even special shapes as per customer’s requirement

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