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Sunday , 15 September 2019
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Alkaline Power Cleaner for Kitchens

Cleaning a kitchen platform is no doubt a challenge and at the same time essential to avoid contamination and food poisoning. It is said that 80% of diseases occur due to dirty kitchen platforms. The oil used for cooking creates a layer of grease on the kitchen platform and other surfaces, which is near to the gas causing a safety concern.

The most common areas affected by this problem are the kitchen cabinets, stove vent filter, stove hood and the stove top. It is certain that you want to completely get rid of those stains, but still, do not use an excess amount of chemicals to clean oil and stains on kitchen walls as they can fade the wall’s colour.

Buzil-Rossari Pvt. Ltd has come up with Grease and protein releaser Perfekt G 440 for kitchen cleaning. It effectively removes protein, oily and greasy dirt from kitchen walls and areas near gas oven. It also can be applied to alkali resistant surfaces and floors.

Greasy floor in Kitchen


  • For maintenance, intensive and basic cleaning of alkaline-resistant materials, surfaces and floors
  • Suitable for workshop floors and industrial areas
  • Suitable for application in areas handling food and in kitchens
  • Removes heavy oily and greasy soil
  • Excellent for cleaning up after fire damage

Appearance : Liquid
Odour : Perfume
pH-value : 13-14
Density (25°C) : 111 +/-0.1
Solubility in /
miscibility with
water : completely soluble

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