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Alano Motors Private Limited – Road Sweeping Machine

Covers 8,000 square metres in an hour

Alano Motors’ Lithium ion battery operated road sweeping machine is a mid-range, multi-utility ride-on road sweeping machine with benefits in terms of economy, quality, life, superior performance, speed and service. This can negotiate any speed breaker or any gradient and combined with a trailer can manage debris of over 1000 litres. A unique value proposition, covering over 8000 sq ms in an hour with less than 3 paisa per square meter as operational cost. Battery requires no maintenance and provides over 7 hours of operation per charge of 4 hours.


  • Robust, safe, eco-friendly
  • Over 8 Years of battery life (3 Year warranty on battery)
  • Better power / efficiency / performance / quality / speed
  • All aggregates are indigenized (Except battery)
  • On board charger and can be charged at any single phase plug point
  • Less than 6 months of ROI when optimally used
  • Battery controls are fully computerized / electronically managed at micro level
  • Equipped with induction motor/regenerative type


  • Internal roads, floors with concrete, asphalt, bitumen or paver blocks.
Battery type Lithium Ion, 6.6 KWH, 86 AH (ARAI Approved)
Motor type Induction Motor, 5 KW, 72 V
Operational hours 7
Charging time 4 hours
Battery life 8 years
Battery maintenance Nil
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