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Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd presents Air cleaner AF100 which holds back dirt and eases breathing.

With the AF100, Kärcher is presenting a new device that improves the quality of room air. Especially in offices, public and medical institutions, in hotels and restaurants, clean and germ-free air is very important. In practice, however, poor air frequently affects the feeling of well-being in these places and can lead to health problems. Possible consequences are poor performance and employee absences.

The AF 100 cleans the air in a 100sqm room in 20 minutes and retains up to 99.98% of all particles. Depending on the filter used – Users can choose from five different specialised versions with active carbon and HEPA technology – cleans the air of, among other things, odours, allergens such as dust mites and pollen, fine dust, bacteria, as well as gaseous hydrocarbon compounds (VOC).

The operating noise is very low, in night mode it is reduced even further. An illuminated LED band on the housing provides information about the air quality: red (poor), green (moderate) and blue (clean). A display shows when the filter inserts have to be changed. A service in a workshop is not needed for this. The pre-filter is designed as the permanent filter and can be washed with water.

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