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Systemlife s.r.l., an Italy based specialist of atmospheric pollution reducing technological equipment, has installed its first machine in Delhi on a trial run.

New Delhi Municipal Corporation has bought and put to use at a traffic-clogged Palika Bazaar (Gate No.6) in Delhi, ‘Citta’, a seven-tonne box, that can purify 10,000 cubic metres of air every hour. The Rs25 million electricity-run machine operates on an automatic management system known as climate box “which through the medium of Internet sends readings that is recorded in Italy”, Dhruv Chanana, Director, BMA Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, distributors of Systemlife in India told CIJ.

The box that scrubs out pollutants like carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide has a four-stage filtration system whereby air is ionized before it is released into the atmosphere. The filtration system reduces air borne concentration of particulate matter and pollutants, including bacteria and VOC.

The performance of the purifier will be monitored by an environmental agency and might be replicated at other areas of Delhi depending on the performance, according to New Delhi Municipal Council.

This move by NDMC is for the public welfare and the Commonwealth Games which would be a good opportunity to show the world that India is ahead of some developed countries when it comes to public health and environment.

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