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Air freshener to treat odours

Single or mixture of chemicals can be used to create fragrance. These chemicals vary in its ability to produce fragrance and people vary in their ability to smell them. However, fragrances do not indicate how much one is exposed to and it how much it affects one’s health.

Smelling mechanism

Smell is caused by molecules of a particular substance that travel into the nostrils. Basically, these odour molecules contact a tissue called the olfactory epithelium which contain olfactory receptor cells that lock onto these odour molecules. This generates electrical signals that are relayed to clusters of nerve cells called glomeruli. The specialized nerve cells called mitral cells send these signals to regions of the brain that combine these signals to recognize the smell (or to get intrigued by it).

Sources of foul smell

Carpets and rugs – Pet urine soaked into the carpet pad and sub-flooring

Upholstery and furniture – Cigarette smoke and food smells clinging to fabric and textiles

Basements and attics – Smell can come from a leaking roof, leaking foundation, leaking plumbing or a pest infestation.

Appliances, sinks, toilets – These can quickly turn smelly if not properly maintained or regularly cleaned. Kitchen sinks with in-sink garbage disposals can give off foul food smells. Toilets can become smelly for obvious reasons.

Garbage cans – Rotten vegetables, leftover foods

Subjective Reaction

Ability to smell a particular odour varies from person to person. People may react to odours in different ways. A person’s sense of smell depends on various factors including age, gender, whether or not they smoke, longer exposure to a particular smell and so on.

Chemicals that trigger odours may cause health effects. Whether someone experiences health effects due to smells, depends upon several factors, including the type of chemical, its concentration in the air, duration of exposure, and whether or not the person smelling the chemical has any particular sensitivities.

The everyday activities produce odours and may affect the indoor air. Air fresheners have long been regarded as an important consumer product that can tackle the odour problem. Air fresheners are available in aerosol cans, candles, gels and heatreleasing products.Spreading fragrances and masking are the broard functions of air fresheners. It displaces a fragrance into the air which makes the offensive odour less dominant.

Buzil Rossari’s Buz® Fresh G 569 eliminates bad odour instantly without leaving any remnants. It is suitable for places like sanitary chambers where odour needs to be removed quickly. It is a patented Maldor technology.


  • Quick and long-lasting odour eliminator and air freshener
  • Pump spray without propellant
  • Works well on tobacco smoke, musty smell and pet odours
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