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Cannon Hygiene presents CannonScent to create a unique environment to engage customer’s memories and emotions. Ginger Blossoms, Red Sequoias and Bright Orchids. Cannon also offers custom designed “signature corporate scents”.

The CanonScent MDW-250 is a modular scent diffusion system with dimensions 170 x190x259mm (WxLxH) main unit and wall diffuser of 119x129x259mm (WxLxH). It is available in two colours black and white. The refill bottles are for 250ml made of fine fragrant oils.

Areas where this modular scent diffusing machine can be used is where central air (HVAC) is not applicable. Other areas include: Hotel lobbies, retail stores, public restrooms, showrooms, shopping malls, bars & restaurants and more.

Cannon MDX- 250 is a portable scent diffusion system with dimensions of 165x165x521mm (WxLxH) and weighs 7kg. It is programmable and is available in black and white colours. Areas where this portable machine can be used are the indoors, retail stores, smaller hotel and residence lobbies, waiting rooms, showrooms, car galleries, offices and houses.

CannonScent HVAC XTRA is a central air scent diffusion system which can be used in areas where central air conditioning is used. The machine comes in dimensions of 180x320x310mm (WxLxH) and weighs 7.7kg. It is programmable and is available in black colour only. It can be used in hotel lobbies, car galleries, large showrooms, fitness centers, spa and wellness centers, events and organisations, conferences, large retail stores, shopping malls and more.


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