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Air Care Solutions

Professional Fragrance Applications (Aroma Diffusers) A1 from Intercare Cleaning & Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd is a state-of-the-art technology to create signature fragrances for different industries and institutions. There are different forms of installation for different coverage capacities.


• Creates a perfect ambience of good smell
• Prevents bad odours
• Elegant, discrete and userfriendly diffusers
• Advanced micro diffusion technology
• Digital display with 24-hour clock
• Adjustable start-stop option
• Adjustable diffusion and stand by intervals
• Weekend On/Off function
• Different language choices
• Easy and clean replacement of aroma oil cartridges
• Wall mountable
• Low power consumption
• Tens of Carpex fragrances to choose from
• Coverage up to 900m3
• Weights about 3.5kg

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