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The Association of Indian Cleaning Industry conducted the annual CEO Summit at Hotel Tunga Regale to present and deliberate on the industry white paper recognising housekeeping vis-à-vis the service sector. It addressed issues before the housekeeping companies and equipment & chemical manufactures/suppliers. Representatives from various companies in the cleaning industry debated on workforce related challenges, funding, taxes RFQs/SLAs and employee history, labour laws, green chemicals and its identification and mechanised cleaning. The forum arrived at a consensus with solutions on 80% of the issues addressed. AICI in coordination with various members will help create standard and implement it across the industry. Addressing various issues discussed, Dr J.P.S. Bakshi, President-AICI, concluded that “this will bring more transparency in the industry. A common effort will help undo the issues before the industry and standardise the mode of operation.”

The forum emphasised on the need for housekeeping companies to educate employees and clients and equipment manufacturers to provide adequate training on machine use and after sales service.

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