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AI-powered waste segregating system

Learns to pick and place material

Ishitva Robotics Systems Pvt Ltd’s NETRA Machine Vision System can learn and adapt to any harsh environment to perform high speed precision pick and place of recyclables. It can be integrated with any industrial robot for pick and place operations. The AI Machine Vision System guides the robot to learn, optimize picking and placing of the material. This platform provides live monitoring of robots sorting waste with decision-making analytics on the Cloud, accessible from web and mobile for smooth operations. Features:

  • Operates 24 hours/day
  • More than 95% accuracy level
  • Modular plug and play design
  • Easy retrofit on existing conveyor belts
  • PET Polymer based sorting of PET, PP, HDPE
  • Colour-based sorting including black colour
  • Specific material with brand based sorting
  • Live monitoring through web and mobile
  • Live waste data with prediction and analytics on cloud platform

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