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The new AFG 100 air purifier from Kärcher removes airborne pollutants, viruses and bacteria. The unit cleans indoor air more effectively compared to HEPA filter systems. The central module is a plasma generator. The air flows through the plasma generated inside it.

Unlike conventional filters, the module uses electrostatic charge to trap and destroy tiny particles such as viruses, bacteria or allergens, without leaving harmful residues. Together with the pre-filter for larger particles and a further three-stage filter, which also retains odours, the AFG 100 removes up to 99.98% of all airborne pollutants.

The new air purifier from Kärcher can efficiently purify the air for room sizes of 150m² and beyond. This slim, cylindrical unit is about 120cm high. It can be installed discreetly in any room and operates very quietly. Initial start-up does not involve any technical complexity: simply connect to the mains and switch on. The self-explanatory control buttons and information display are arranged for easy access on top of the casing. A light at the top of the unit can be adapted to a particular colour to suit the room, or even deactivated.

The AFG 100 has five power settings, an energy efficient automatic mode as well as a timer function. This allows the unit to be adapted to the surroundings and to the individual operating conditions. A sensor measures the air quality. The power is continuously adjusted in the automatic mode.

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