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[box type=”shadow” ]In this era of growing population, India is taking concrete steps towards managing the organic waste. “We, ‘Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd.’, are proud to announce ourselves as one of the leading players in the world of waste management industries and thus contributing to PM’s ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign”.[/box]

Garbage scenario

According to Earth Energy Center, Columbia University, cities in west region of India generate more of garbage than the eastern cities. Per capita waste generated in Manipur is 220gm/day and in Goa it is 620gm/day. Average per capita waste generation in India is 400gm/day. In US it is 2000gm/day, Europe it is 2200gm/ day and in China it is 700gm/ day. This clearly indicates that the amount of waste generated is directly proportional to growth and advancement. In India it is observed that metropolitan cities generate more waste compared to the other developing cities.


There are various challenges involved in managing the garbage in a well-organized and systematic manner. In my opinion, the waste management habits should be inculcated in human beings since their childhood only. There is a need of starting the waste segregation from individuals’ home and organic waste should be used to grow plants in gardens after proper treatment.

The problem of waste gets severe when it is not thrown properly in the dust bins and gets more severe when the dust bins are not timely cleared. It is time to change the mentality and to awake the inner conscious of individuals.

Actually the garbage management is the high priority and mandatory function of urban local bodies but it is given the lowest importance and is not performed properly. Even a single day if the garbage is forsaken, the heap height grows leading to air pollution as it’s decomposition starts. As a result the city has to face problems related to health, hygiene and environment. Indian garbage management system has become an obsolete system and is unable to cop up with the growth and advancement in the society. Improper methods and technologies used, unawareness of methods of waste management in society, insufficient finance available has increased the severity of ‘Garbage Problem’.


Ramesh Wagh MD Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Technology solution at Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd

  • Kwik Composter (KC), fully automatic, bio-mechanical, micro-organism based organic waste converter (OWC) operating at low cost
  • Kwik Composter Accelerator (KCA) does composting in 24 hours and utilizes small space.
  • KC plus is a composter with air preheating systemand has low operating cost
  • Re-engineered Traditional Composting Technology (RTCT) has a capacity to process organic waste of 5MT to 25MT
  • ZAP is an automatic shredder and de-waterer for shredding food and garden waste

The solutions reduce the volume of garbage by 80 to 90% and convert it into nitrogen rich compost.


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