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Addressing need for water treatment

Jalshree Corporation, a 20-year old company with pan-India presence, has been providing solutions for water recycling and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) to industries. With manufacturing facility in Pune, Jalshree, a group company of Polytest Laboratories manages marketing and sales promotion through its associate network spread strategically across India.

“Although the market seems all pervasive but there are different needs for different sections of the business, Chakradeo says. After a decade of study and operational experience with conventional plants, Jalshree introduced AirObix® STRP, a technology based on indigenous technology of treating sewage into water.

“In order to build systems that would overcome design and operational shortcomings found in conventional systems, we came out with a series of prototypes and tested them with our customers.

“AirObix® STRP is not a conventional STP that treats wastewater only to satisfy statutory norms but extends its function further as a water recovery system. However, it is most suited for establishments which value saving of space, manpower and elimination of tedious operations.

“There is no need for customization in our system as is the case with conventional ones. All that is required is the local collection tank for raw wastewater. This makes AirObix® a complete solution for all the possibilities.”

With more than 50 installations across the country in verticals like hospitality, healthcare, housing and industries, Jalshree Corporation has an over 30 employees in different functions covering design, manufacturing and installation.

Training and human resource

Manpower management and training are critical in this industry, says Chakradeo. “Operating in wastewater plants is a big taboo among workers and hence periodic counselling becomes essential. Besides providing periodic on-the-job training, we have minimised the physical handling of wastewater by virtue of design, in the case of AirObix®. This has helped us retain AirObix® operators and thus, better customer satisfaction.”

AirObix® indigenous technology based on age-old and time tested process called as Activated Sludge Process (ASP) employs host aerobic microorganisms, which through a series of biochemical reactions convert sewage into clean recyclable water for non-critical applications.

Eco friendly solutions

“Spreading awareness about eco-friendly solutions is of paramount importance and therefore, the mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be adopted and practiced. AirObix® is just one of the countless solutions in this 3-R continuum.” Jalshree boasts of a repeat clientele by virtue of AirObix® and its eco-friendly initiatives such as EMS, LEED and IGBC.

Innovation and market positioning

“Innovation, market research and ideation are inherent to our business process. We have formulated a multi-pronged strategy for brand projection looking closely at customer’s value perceptions.” Each team member is required to function around these hallmarks to enhance visibility and if possible a synonym for containerised STP!

Jalshree Corporation has a top line growth plan considering the fact that cleaning and wastewater management industry has gathered a sustained momentum in India. Consolidating regional presence, enhancing customer referrals and reinforcing franchisees are some of the broad strategies the company has adopted for its expansion and growth. “However, for us it will be essentially an organic growth to ensure a healthy bottom line,” Chakradeo concludes.

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