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ACPL Establishing its place in the cleaning industry

Astol Cleantech Pvt Ltd was incorporated in August 2013 with the aim to become one of the leading housekeeping machines and tools suppliers in India,” said Dinesh Rastogi, Director, ACPL. The company made its presence felt in all segments i.e. hotels, hospitals, industrial setups, etc. with strong service upkeep and supported the housekeeping staffs in fulfilling their requirements. It created a strong customer base and approached with ideal solutions for each problem. ACPL has as range of products under the brand name of Astol, Star and Annovi Reverberi.

“Cleaning machines market is evolving fast. Hence ACPL is always committed to introduce new products which are compact in design, easy to use, efficient in performance, effective in giving result and economical to the customer.”

The employees of ACPL are well experienced with strong after sales support and carry a vast experience of same field. “We provide platform to professionals to grow, and groom them further to strengthen the business. Training and retraining are the part of the organizational culture. Since market requirements are changing regularly, we are also reacting in the same way and serving customers as per their requirements.”

Talking about the future, Siddhartha Shankar who joined ACPL as a Partner and Director in October 2018, says that the biggest challenge is rising to the occasion and fulfilling customer expectations with fast changing technologies and to establish the brand on pan India basis. “As business plan plays a key role in allocating resources, we too have our expansion plans which will be implemented in next couple of months. Whereas in the coming years, we plan to open multiple branch offices supported by dealer networks. We have industry-based cleaning machines in which further product line will be increased. The priority is to keep ourselves at the same pace and focus on adding new products with specific industry based applications,” states Siddhartha.

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