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Megamorph Marketing Pvt Ltd brings out Careclean Descaler (TSR), a highly effective and non-corrosive acidic cleaner that completely removes all kinds of salt deposits scaling and mineral stains from ceramic tiles fittings drains etc. Removes mineral deposit rings from urinals washbasins and ceramic tiles. It can also be used to de-scale HVAC components pipes sprinklers humidifiers and spray rack systems.

Directions for use

• Apply on to the surface where scales are present
• Allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes
• Agitate the area with a brush or soft pad. Use cloth if the area is prone to scratches
• Wipe, wash or rinse away the loose residue
• Rinsing is necessary after removing heavy dirt deposits
• Repeat to remove tough stains


• Descaling of tiles, fittings, ceramics, etc. Not suitable for soft stones like marble, natural stone, etc.
• De-scales HAVC components, pipes, sprinklers, humidifiers and spray rack systems
• Removes mineral deposit rings from urinals

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