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Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Accessory Kit

Excel International introduces FORCE from Motorscrubber. Until now Scrubber dryers are only cleaning 85% of the floor surface… but what about the final 15%?

Motorscrubber aims to clean 100% of the floor and this is how FORCE was born! Worldwide patent pending FORCE is a heavy-duty accessory kit which can be fitted on top of any brand of scrubber dryer. You can clip off FORCE in seconds, spray detergent, scrub with powerful 400rpm and dry with the newly developed suction system for Motorscrubber.

There are two major advantages with using FORCE, firstly, productivity is majorly increased as you can clean these difficult areas as you pass them and no more going back to the cleaning cupboard to grab a mop or smaller machine, secondly vastly improved hygiene results of these areas which have been neglected in the past.

By adding FORCE to the scrubber dryer, it creates the ultimate cleaning machine able to effectively clean the large open areas and also deep clean even the smallest of areas.

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