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Washer Extractors, Tumble Dryers, Flatwork Ironers, Barrier Washers/Medical Range,  Dry Cleaning Machines, Iron and Accessories, Pressing Machines, Spotting Machines, Finishing Equipment, Form Finishers, Sanitising Equipment,  Napkin-Towel-Bedsheet Folders, Laundry-WetCleaning-Drycleaning Chemicals, Tagging and Tracking Solutions, Point-of-sale Softwares, Pickup and Drop Solutions and route optimisation soft-wares, Mobile applications solutions,


Laundry Equipment-Danube France

Washers Extractors:

WED-G 450-350

11-14-18-27-36-45-60-120 Kg Capacities

WEM-G 200

11-14-18-27 Kg Capacities

WEN-G 100

11-14-18-27-36-60 Kg Capacities

Barrier Washers Medical Range:

MEDII-G 360-448

16-22-35-50-66 Kg Capacities

Pullman ASEP-G-325

100 Kg Capacities

Tumble Dryers:


11-16-23-28-35-45-60-80 Kg Capacities

STD- Double Pocket Dryers- 11-16 Kg Capacities

DD-HP- Heat Pump Dryers- 11-16-23 Kg Capacities

Wall Ironers:

R/R Nomex

1000-1200-1400 mm Length and 18-25 cm Diameters

Flatwork Ironers:


1400 mm Length and 200 mm Diameter


1400-1600-2000 mm Length and 325 mm Diameter/ 2000-2600-3300 mm Length and 500 mm Diameter

Compact Flatwork Ironers SPE/SP/S

2600-3300 mm Length and 600-800-1000 mm Diameter

Semi Professional –  Equipment

Washers- WPR -8-10 Kg Capacities

Dryers- DPR- 8-10 Kg Capacities

Central Payment Systems – Products which can control upto 32 machines online  & Coin Laundry Systems- Traditional ones

Complete Range of Handling Equipment

  Complete Range of Pressing and Finishing Equipment along with Form Finishers-PONY Italy

Dry Cleaning Machines- BOWE-Germany

In wide range in Perc, Hydrocarbon and Multi Solvent Options.

POS Softwares and  Mobile App – Clean Cloud -UK

Complete Range of Laundry-Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Chemicals from Kreussler Germany.

Partner Companies:-

Danube International-France, Pony-Italy, BOWE-Germany, Clean Cloud- UK, Kreussler-Germany, Hydrosystems USA.

Other Products:

SpeedQueen-Alliance -USA, Maytag-ADC-USA, Artmecc-Italy, Suzohapp-Payment Systems, Electrolux-Sweden and many more…..

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