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A range of tools and chemicals for educational institutions

Helps them adhere to govt guidelines

The greatest impact of Covid- 19 was the indirect effect on the entire education system with shutting down of schools and colleges. Students and parents have been yearning to get back to the regular education and training system. With the reopening of schools, universities, institutions and B schools, it has become a top priority to ensure proper health and hygiene is maintained with rigorous cleaning routines, hand hygiene, distancing and masking.

Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd offers a range of equipment for institutions that can help them adhere to cleaning and hygiene norms and make a safe return for the students and teachers.

Scrubber driers: A range of single disc scrubbing machines and walk-behind and ride-on scrubber driers. The Charnock C235 is a unique, smart and compact battery-operated single-disc scrubber drier that is ideal to reach the aisle spaces of classrooms, under the benches, and tables in staff rooms. The unique handle adjustment makes it suitable for any user and offers easy upright storage. All functions are controlled from the operator handle with an in-built safety grip for easy maneuverability.

Wringer Trolleys: A range of smart wringer trolley options available in single, double and triple bucket options. Mopping floors on a daily basis is crucial and the wringer trolley assists in undertaking floor mopping in a clean, hygienic, efficient and professional manner.

Foamtec: With hundreds of students using the washrooms and cloak rooms in a school, college or a university, maintaining a clean, hygienic and odourless environment is of utmost importance. The Foamtec30 allows complete cleaning and sanitizing of public restrooms in four easy steps by spraying foam, rinsing and vacuuming. It offers better cleaning and sanitizing results, saves time, water, chemicals, reduces manual labour and offers great hygiene safety for the worker as well.

Vacuums: Wet and Dry vacuums range from 10-60 litres capacity and more to suit small to huge campus sizes. The vacuums come with a high efficiency motor, tri tex filtration system that improves cleanliness and capacity, and are A class energy efficient.

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