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A better way forward for Indian sewerage cleaning

Conservancy workers are being brought up to speed about mechanised cleaning of the sewerage system

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed an indigenous system for mechanised cleaning of sewers.  This has skilled the manual scavengers in the latest technological advancements in sewerage maintenance systems. These sanitary workers have also enhanced their efficiency and performance, and have also learnt the importance of safeguarding themselves against any intrusive pathogens.

This new technique handles the blockage caused by plastic and other non-biodegradable domestic refuse, debris, intrusion of tree roots etc.  Some of its novelties are utilisation of the slurry water for the jetting operation and self-propelled post-cleaning inspection system, disinfection of jetting pipe and built-in security features.  This will remove the indignity from the profession of scavenging.

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