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waste conversion

Belgaum City Corporation; Towards creating wealth out of waste

With a total road length of 758km, 58 wards and a population of about five lakhs, Belgaum is the biggest district in Karnataka. By virtue of having some good tourist spots like Gokak falls, Veer Soudh and Belgaum fort, the city has a large floating population. Municipal Commissioner Priyanka Francis talks about the various programmes adopted towards effective management of waste in the city.

Growing e-Waste in India

E-waste is growing in India at the rate of 10%. Major recycling of e-waste is carried out in the non-formal sector using primitive and hazardous methods. Adequate legislative measures and cost-effective, environment friendly, technological solution would be needed to address the issue. A synopsis

Zero Waste: A Key Move towards a Sustainable Society

The Zero Waste strategy says no to incinerators, no to mega-landfills, no to the throwaway society and yes to a sustainable society. While it may sound like an idealistic goal, we can put it into a realistic time frame. We do not expect to reach zero waste next year, but we can anticipate that some communities could be very close to Zero Waste by 2020.

Sustainable Conversion of MSW

JITF Aquasource, the water management wing of the Jindal Group, has implemented a number of water and waste projects for municipal corporations and industries throughout the country. Allard M Nooy, CEO of JITF Water Infrastructure Ltd-JITF Aquasource, speaks to Clean India Journal about the waste-to-energy plant coming up at Timarpur-Okhla, New Delhi.

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