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Automobile Industry – Growing market for mechanised cleaning

The Indian automobile industry, ranked seventh largest in the world today, owes its growth to the increased presence of world auto giants who have ventured into this flourishing market. Further, with sourcing parts from India being 10-20% cheaper for US auto makers and about 50% cheaper for their European counterparts, over the decade, several car companies are investing in India. This includes the US automakers General Motors and Ford, Germany's BMW and DaimlerChrysler AG, France's Renault, Japan's Suzuki, Toyota and Honda and South Korea's Hyundai. Along side this growth, the automotive and ancillary units have made tremendous progress, to the extent that India has become an attractive outsourcing destination for global auto companies because of its strong engineering skills and low costs. With international companies having set shop in India, the necessity for mechanised cleaning in each of the segments of this industry --- automobile, ancillary, filling stations and workshops --- has grown appreciably. Mohana M speaks to various manufacturers, dealers and service providers to understand the increasing requirement of mechanised cleaning in the automotive industry.
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