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60m lt of water harvested by Galaxy Surfactants

Under its CSR program ‘Vatavaran Suraksha & Samajeek Utthaan’, Galaxy Surfactant Ltd has helped in the reconstruction and de-silting of a checkdam in Kelichapada and Jawahar areas of Palghar District, as well as in the rejuvenation of wells at Rajewadi village of the same district. Due to the lack of water storage facilities, villagers from Jawahar were deprived of basic amenities like proper drinking water, which forced them to migrate. These initiatives will now help the residents to get water for drinking as well as for farming and household usage.

The company has been working towards reducing their water footprint through projects involving innovative practices like recharging of bore wells, construction of KFP structures & restoration of lakes. Last year, the Galaxy Team had inaugurated a check dam in Kharonda village which transformed the lives of 530 families and over 2500 people.

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