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4C Corporate Services’ Industrial Roof Cleaning & Painting Services

4C Corporate

In a live factory, without shutdown or hampering production

4C Corporate Problem statement

A Korea-based manufacturing major wanted to get the roof truss and roof sheet cleaned and painted within 15 days time, as their client visit was imminent. The Korean company approached Glass Hoppers for the followings services:

  • To clean the columns, rafters, purlins, roof sheets & roof trusses.
  • To paint the columns, rafters, purlins & roof trusses.

The client was well prepared due to the bitter experience that they had with another vendor whom they found through Google and was tightening all the loose ends, basically ensuring that they do not fall prey again. They really wanted to finish the whole factory roof cleaning services and factory roof painting services within 15 days. The client too was cooperative and wanted to do anything to complete the industrial roof cleaning services and Industrial roof painting services within 15 days.


  • Team Glasshoppers are working at the roof level and the live production was happening at the floor level. This means anything could fall down.
  • Accessing columns and trusses was not a challenge, however, accessing the purlins was really a stiff challenge, as booms cannot crawl on a live production floor.


Typically, although we created a fall protection system for protecting materials from falling down, the same was not the most conducive solution to stop the used water from falling into floors. Therefore, we requested the client to earmark two bays per day and nobody would work at the floor level, machines that are moveable could be moved and those which cannot be moved would be masked. Thus a work front for only 2 bays per day was created and we ensured adequate rope access professionals were deployed at site on a relay basis, i.e one would only dust the cobwebs, another would follow with cleaning and another would apply paints. As the bays were free, booms were allowed to crawl and purlins too were accessed, cleaned and painted then and there. Instead of following a standard coat system we followed a 1+1 coat system by optimizing a high performance 2-in-1 primer & paint so that priming process is not required, therefore curing time is saved and 1 more additional coat could still be applied. The client was happy and the team glass hopper completed industrial roof cleaning services and industrial roof painting services within 12 days as there were 24 bays.



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