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35 years of unmatched laundry excellence

Founded in Singapore in 1985, Straits Group has long established itself as a technological and business leader in the laundry sector. In an exclusive interview, Sheikh Babu Nooruddin, CEO of Straits Laundry India Pvt. Ltd shares what makes the firm a market leader, and how it plans to continue leading the market.

The next level of vended laundry is here!

Laundry is important, no matter what the economy. Coupled with new technology and a modern outlook, Straits Laundry is all set to redefine the laundromat industry with SpeedQueen machines equipped with latest innovation and technology, that will give a whole new laundry experience to selfassisted laundry users.

What is the USP of your company?

Our main strength is to deliver an overall solution to our client(s), beside selling SpeedQueen machines, we also provide premium service in the form of establishing best-in-class international standard laundromats and also share our expertise with our channel partners to set up laundromats. Our laundromats are equipped with the latest technology boasting of the newest advances. Our business model addresses some major challenges such as pilferage, intensive labour, skilled labour, etc.

What new products/ technology can we expect from you in the near future?

Alliance Laundry Systems.., USA is a pioneer in laundry domain; their flagship brand SpeedQueen has a new range of washers and dryers which come equipped with Quantum Touch and SpeedQueen Insights, harnessing the benefits of a fully integrated system.

SpeedQueen has also launched a mobile app that will further enhance customer solutions. This app allows payment for cycles through mobile phones at their convenience. They are also kept updated on when cycles are completed. Straits Laundry promotes SpeedQueen’s innovation for the future to its customers and also adopts the same with utmost precision in their laundromats. The amalgamation of precision and innovation gives a unique laundry experience to its clients and encourages new business investors.

How do you expect the market/sector to change in the next few years?

It is a no-brainer that laundromats are becoming more popular and people are adapting to it. The laundry industry is seeing a stupendous growth where it not only helps customers but also creates huge opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, laundry plays a major role in water crisis. SpeedQueen laundry machines not only saves substantial amount of water but also saves equal amount of power which makes the brand more preferable and decisive when it comes to saving our valuable resources.

What are you looking forward to at the Clean India Show 2020?

We expect relevant and quality prospects, equally good exhibitors and more valuable information from the mentors and expertise. Our vision is to bring a world class hygienic laundry experience to our customers at an affordable price and also encourage young minds to understand the business of laundry and grow with them.

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