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2nd edition of Uniforms a Corporate Fashion Statement

Sitting right above the equator, the Indian subcontinent sees all four seasons in contrasting patterns that differ in every corner. Clothing becomes a major aspect when it comes to feasibility, utility and even social stature of one’s character.


Five Star Property : Doorman, Bell Boy , Receptionist – Male and Female , FO – GRE
Resort: F&B or FO : Male and Female
Open Category Hotel: Specialty Restaurant – Waiter and Waitress
Three & Four Star Property : Housekeeper – Male and Female
Chef : Live Counters

The Indian hospitality industry focuses on bringing traditionalism into one’s subconsciousness by portraying classics in an ultra-modern way. The 2nd edition of Uniforms a Corporate Fashion Statement saw 26 hospitality students from two universities adorned in uniforms of two contrasting designers, walking the same ramp.

Zubin Mehta of Uniforms Unlimited did turn up the notch and fire up a flamboyant concoction of Indian techniques fused in with Western designs. His style takes inspiration from the Vedic period where outfits consisted of a Paridhana (front under-pleat), Mekhala (belt) and an Uttariya (upper shawl). Taking advantage of the silk trade India had with China during the Mauryan period, he portrays Asian floral designs and British Raj high waist trousers creating an eccentric appeal that pleases one’s eyes. The students of Don Bosco Institute of Hospitality Studies did an excellent job walking his designs on the ramp.

Designer Vijaylakshmi’s ethnic plethora towards India and her innovative mind has helped her transcend traditionalism into a day to day wear. Taking inspiration from the Mughal and Gupta Period where cutting and sewing fabric to create outfits was being experienced. She blends Asian and Arabian styles with ethnic Indian outfits that will indulge people into our countries history and surely promote Indian hospitality in future. The students of Rizvi Institute of Hotel Management definitely enjoyed running Lords Apparel’s concepts.

Vijila Kurup and Sheetal Rai, two contrasting influential women in the Indian fashion Industry come together to create a show stopper that definitely did awed the crowd. On Blending American styles with Indian techniques and maintaining ethnicity, they surely did amaze everyone.

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