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New SOPs to ensure cleanliness at public meetings

In a leg up to the implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission, the Ministry of Urban Development has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure cleanliness during and after public meetings and gatherings. Under the SOP, approved by the Ministry, organisers of such events have been made accountable for ensuring cleanliness and they will be required to pay security deposit for obtaining permission for the events. In case of default by the organizer, concerned municipal bodies will undertake cleaning operations using the deposit money.

The Ministry has taken a serious note of spoiling of public places through littering of water bottles, left- over food items, used flowers, packaging material, wrappers etc during public gatherings and meetings besides non-provisioning of public conveniences adversely affecting the hygiene in the surroundings.

Under the new norms, organisers will have to furnish an undertaking for ensuring cleanliness and have to deposit money to be used in case of default by them. Security deposit to be made will be `10,000/- for a gathering of up to 500 persons, `50,000 for 50,000 persons and `1,00,000 for a gathering of above 50,000 persons. Permission will not be given by the concerned agencies if Security Deposit is not made.

The organizer shall ensure adequate garbage collection bins and adequate public conveniences as per the norms indicated at his own cost through agencies designated by the municipal body or through his own alternative arrangements. Adequate number of cleaning staff should be deployed to ensure proper cleanliness of the premises. After the event was over, the organizer shall ensure transportation of the garbage to the nearest waste storage location designated by the municipal body. Organizer shall ensure handing over of clean site to the owner of premises with in six hours after the conclusion of the event. If the cleanliness was ensured by the organizer, Security Deposit in the form of Demand Draft shall be returned to him in three days by the municipal body.

For events to be held on public/open spaces not earmarked for gatherings, where permission is taken directly from the police, organizer shall furnish the said undertaking and Security Deposit to the police.

The following norms are to be followed while making various provisions to ensure cleanliness:


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