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Dear Editor,


The Clean India Mission (CIM) has been an excellent approach towards sustainable growth and development in one hand and conserving the local environment on the other. If the mission is successful, it would certainly bring in huge environmental dividends for India. However, it is necessary to formulate a national policy on this through both houses of the parliament and establish a high powered committee and framework for guiding, monitoring, advising and supervising the implementation of the mission successfully across the length and breadth of the nation. Furthermore, it will be important to initiate a Safe India Mission (SIM) to establish a broad framework and platform for establishing private latrines, urinals and washrooms across the nation; targeting particularly the rural sector. This approach has long term sustainability for the protection of the environment as well as great potential in catering towards the safety and security of countless rural women. A substantial proportion of the rural women are extremely vulnerable to sexual molestations and susceptible to pathogenic infections being forced to relieve themselves outside the safety of their residences in open and exposed environment. The success of rural in house toilet facilities could change the face of rural India on a global platform. It will reduce the level of contamination of the local environment facilitated through indiscriminate open defecation and will also reduce chances of diseases and infection among the rural womenfolk. This would also credibly address in curbing the trend of accelerated crime against women several folds by adding security to their life for not being unfortunately exposed to the external environment for toilet purposes. A Clean Indian Mission integrated with Safe India Mission could be a grand model of the 21st century demonstrated by India to the rest of the world in the coming decade. If successful, the approach could be applied to similar situations in several other developing and under developed nations across the globe for the protection of the environment as well as establish strong example of safety and security of vulnerable women population.

  Thanking you            
Sincerely yours         
Saikat Kumar Basu  
Apt 6-409, 43 Street South,
Lethbridge AB Canada T1J 4B3

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