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21st Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble back with a bang!

A three-day extravaganza to showcase culinary and hospitality skills

The 21st Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble is set to take place from October 19 to October 21, 2022 at the Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology in New Delhi this year. In the past, this event has provided an excellent opportunity for chefs and hospitality students to display their culinary knowledge and skills in the areas of innovation, fusion, and new techniques in the culinary department.

The event comes two years after the hospitality industry faced exceptional challenges because of Covid-19. Students and professionals from all major hotel management institutes have been invited to compete and demonstrate their inner passion at this event.

Event Highlights

Korean culinary challenge 2022 – For the third consecutive year, BCIHMCT has collaborated with Korean Cultural Centre India to organise the ‘All India Korean food cooking contest’ with K-Food festival contents via online and offline hybrid mode.

R-Pure traditional Vedic cuisine challenge 2022 – This event is all about regional dishes from any Indian state that should reflect a specific festive, tradition, or occasion in relation to Vedic style preparation.

Karamat Indian cuisine culinary challenge 2022 – This is an event to showcase the time saving and convenience food option with a dash of creativity using Karamat based gravies.

The Future chef contest is a new addition this year, where students from various schools will be able to pursue their passion in a simulated hotel setting.

The new shop ‘quick treat’ culinary challenge 2022, on the other hand, will channel contestants’ creativity by asking them to prepare two innovative dishes (any burger, pasta, sandwich, snacks, wraps & rolls, etc.) and one cold beverage using FMCG products used in the food and beverage sector. The ensemble will also get to taste authentic biryani flavours at the much-anticipated ‘Usapec-India biryani competition 2022,’ where the preparations will fill the air with the aroma of spices used in Biryani preparations.

Apart from these events, there are also other competitions lined up such as the dress the cake in 90 minutes challenge 2022, the future chef contest 2022, the barwizard bar challenge 2022, the Oxford hospitality brain twister 2022, the Nestle culinary challenge 2022, the Chandiwala floral decoration & towel origami contest 2022, the manage the damage contest 2022, and the tramontina fruit & vegetable carving 2022. The best team will go on to win the Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble 2022 trophy.

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