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21 companies get waste recycling permit

As a part of the Greater Chennai Corporation’s (GCC) initiative to make the city garbage-free and reduce the amount of waste being carted to the city’s landfills, it has released a list of 21 companies that have been authorised to recycle and process biodegradable (wet) waste and solid (dry) waste generated by bulk waste generators, for a period of one year. Bulk waste generators are households, societies, institutions and restaurants that generate more than 100kg of waste a day.

The GCC has also laid down guidelines for bulk waste generators. The cost of the recycling services will be borne by the bulk waste generators and the onus is on the client and the company to agree upon a suitable price.

The companies have to adhere to norms laid down by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board regarding solid waste management. In case of doubts, bulk waste generators can seek the assistance of GCC Zonal Field Officers.

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