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November 17, 2012

Deep cleaning of fitted carpets

Fitted carpets are still in vogue. In fact, they are enjoying increasing popularity. Around two thirds of floors in business premises have textile coverings. And it is not just a fashion fad. Fitted carpets now come in a wide range of colours and a host of new patterns and structures. So it is easy to choose the right one for a particular type of building or use. What is more, fitted carpets have very good anti-slip properties and help reduce noise. Yet if they are to retain their attractive appearance in the long term, they must be cleaned efficiently, systematically and appropriately.

Taking Stock

Given the consumer patterns in a buyer’s market, Clean India Journal looks at the present scenario with its complexities and strategies for developing new market segments. A report…

Application of Ion Exchange Resins

Transforming wastewater into demineralized water with rest-conductivities which can be beneficially reused on site with latest technology is cost-effective. Recovery of ammonium nitrate and ammonia from the wastewater also results in a much improved production yield.

Mold Basics: Three critical components of fungal remediation

Very often fungal remediation does not address critical issues such as possible contamination of the HVAC system or the contents of the building on which the fungal growth is not visible. This approach is directly counter to the advice provided in the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation. Michael Pinto, CEO of Wonder Makers Environmental, USA, says that both the contractors and consultants bear responsibility for understanding and communicating all of the crucial details related to mold remediation projects.

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