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October 16, 2012

Outsourcing Experience

Understanding the contractor, defining the contract and implementing the contractual terms are vital for the success of an outsourcing model. The right handling of the outsourced contractor is an evolving experience for any FM head of a facility. Here are a few points to ponder…

Belgaum City Corporation; Towards creating wealth out of waste

With a total road length of 758km, 58 wards and a population of about five lakhs, Belgaum is the biggest district in Karnataka. By virtue of having some good tourist spots like Gokak falls, Veer Soudh and Belgaum fort, the city has a large floating population. Municipal Commissioner Priyanka Francis talks about the various programmes adopted towards effective management of waste in the city.

Water supply and sanitation in India: Meeting targets and beyond

The Indian economy loses 73 million working days a year due to waterborne diseases, caused by a combination of lack of clean water and inadequate sanitation. Even large cities are only able to guarantee very little water for a few hours a day, says Dr Sridhar Vedachalam, a postdoctoral associate at the New York State Water Resources Institute at Cornell University, USA. Ranked among the 10 finalists of the 2012 Global Water Forum Emerging Scholars Award, the article discusses the gap between water supply and sanitation

White Linen Measurement & Replacement

In the world of hospitality, laundry plays a pivotal role in enhancing the image and reputation of the hotel. Laundry managers are always on their toes trying to find better ways and means to deliver sparkling white linen. In Western countries, among the various methods adopted stained towels and linen are also cleaned using white powder stain blaster before putting them into a big round tub bin for soaking in hot water for a few days. This gives amazing results both in terms of the whiteness and life of towels and linen. Laundry Managers face a stiff challenge when it comes to linen losses, replacement and its cost. In fact, there are a variety of factors on which linen losses, replacement and its cost depends, viz., location of the facility, storage and distribution system of linen and security cover, whether the laundry is washed within the premise or is washed outside, type of equipment used to wash, quality of water, services provided by the hotel, type of fabric used, linen usage per occupied room, adequate par levels, and enforcement of quality assurance programme.

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